Iowa Administrative Code - 08/16/2017

Agriculture and Land Stewardship Department [21] | Agency Listing
Chapter 67 ANIMAL WELFARE | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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21.67.1 Animals included in rules.
21.67.2 Housing facilities and primary enclosures.
21.67.3 General care and husbandry standards.
21.67.4 Transportation.
21.67.5 Purchase, sale, trade and adoption.
21.67.6 Public health.
21.67.7 Kennels, shelters and other facilities—access, seizure and impoundment.
21.67.8 Applicability to commercial establishments with federal licenses.
21.67.9 Acceptable forms of euthanasia.
21.67.10 Loss of license or denial of license.
21.67.11 Dog day care.
21.67.12 Fostering oversight organizations and foster care homes.
21.67.13 Greyhound breeder or farm fee.