Iowa Administrative Code - 11/30/2022

Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board [193F] | Agency Listing
Chapter 23 DECLARATORY ORDERS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193F.23.1 Petition for declaratory order.
193F.23.2 Notice of petition.
193F.23.3 Intervention.
193F.23.4 Briefs.
193F.23.5 Inquiries.
193F.23.6 Service and filing of petitions and other papers.
193F.23.7 Board consideration.
193F.23.8 Action on petition.
193F.23.9 Refusal to issue order.
193F.23.10 Contents of declaratory order—effective date.
193F.23.11 Copies of orders.
193F.23.12 Effect of a declaratory order.