Iowa Administrative Code - 05/04/2022

Real Estate Commission [193E] | Agency Listing
Chapter 7 OFFICES AND MANAGEMENT | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193E.7.1 Real estate offices and licenses required.
193E.7.2 Notification required.
193E.7.3 Suspended and revoked licenses.
193E.7.4 Prohibited practices.
193E.7.5 Loan finder fees.
193E.7.6 Lotteries prohibited.
193E.7.7 Broker required to furnish progress report.
193E.7.8 Disclosure of licensee interest, acting as a principal, and status as a licensee.
193E.7.9 Financial interest disclosure required.
193E.7.10 Agency-designated broker responsibilities.
193E.7.11 Supervision required.
193E.7.12 Commission controversies.
193E.7.13 Support personnel for licensees; permitted and prohibited activities.
193E.7.14 Information provided by nonlicensed support personnel restricted.
193E.7.15 Presenting purchase agreements.