Iowa Administrative Code - 10/20/2021

Real Estate Commission [193E] | Agency Listing
Chapter 5 LICENSEES OF OTHER JURISDICTIONS AND RECIPROCITY | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193E.5.1 Licensees of other jurisdictions.
193E.5.2 Nonresident application.
193E.5.3 License by examination.
193E.5.4 Licensure by reciprocity.
193E.5.5 Renewal of a license issued by reciprocity.
193E.5.6 Reinstatement of a license issued by reciprocity.
193E.5.7 Nonresident real estate offices and licenses required.
193E.5.8 License as prerequisite.
193E.5.9 Actions against nonresidents.
193E.5.10 Nonresident continuing education.
193E.5.11 License discipline reporting required.