Iowa Administrative Code - 05/04/2022

Real Estate Commission [193E] | Agency Listing
Chapter 5 LICENSEES OF OTHER JURISDICTIONS AND RECIPROCITY | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193E.5.1 Licensees of other jurisdictions.
193E.5.2 Nonresident application.
193E.5.3 License by examination.
193E.5.4 Licensure by reciprocity.
193E.5.5 Renewal of a license issued by reciprocity.
193E.5.6 Reinstatement of a license issued by reciprocity.
193E.5.7 Nonresident real estate offices and licenses required.
193E.5.8 License as prerequisite.
193E.5.9 Actions against nonresidents.
193E.5.10 Nonresident continuing education.
193E.5.11 License discipline reporting required.
193E.5.12 Licensure by verification.