Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Accountancy Examining Board [193A] | Agency Listing
Chapter 4 LICENSURE OF LPAs | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193A.4.1 Qualifications for a license as a licensed public accountant.
193A.4.2 Examination application.
193A.4.3 Major in accounting.
193A.4.4 Transcripts required.
193A.4.5 Deadline for filing applications.
193A.4.6 Admittance prior to completing educational requirements.
193A.4.7 Content and grading of the examination.
193A.4.8 Conditioning requirements.
193A.4.9 Examination procedures.
193A.4.10 Refunding of examination fees.
193A.4.11 Credit for an examination taken in another state.
193A.4.12 Experience for license.
193A.4.13 Ethics course and examination.
193A.4.14 Statements on standards for accounting and review services (SSARS) education.
193A.4.15 Obtaining the license.
193A.4.16 Licensure by reciprocity.
193A.4.17 Use of title.