Iowa Administrative Code - 01/21/2015

Accountancy Examining Board [193A] | Agency Listing
Chapter 3 CERTIFICATION OF CPAs | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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193A.3.1 Qualifications for a certificate as a certified public accountant.
193A.3.2 Colleges or universities recognized by the board.
193A.3.3 Accounting concentration.
193A.3.4 Examination applications.
193A.3.5 Content and grading of the examination.
193A.3.6 Conditional requirements.
193A.3.7 Extension of conditional status.
193A.3.8 Transfer of credit from another jurisdiction.
193A.3.9 Examination procedures.
193A.3.10 Conduct of the examination.
193A.3.11 Refunding of examination fees.
193A.3.12 Experience for certificate.
193A.3.13 Ethics course and examination.
193A.3.14 Obtaining the certificate.
193A.3.15 Use of title.