Iowa Administrative Code - 02/28/2018

Insurance Division [191] | Agency Listing
Chapter 85 REGULATION OF NAVIGATORS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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191.85.1 Purpose and authority.
191.85.2 Definitions.
191.85.3 Requirement to hold a license.
191.85.4 Issuance of license.
191.85.5 License renewal.
191.85.6 License reinstatement.
191.85.7 Reinstatement or reissuance of a license after suspension, revocation or forfeiture in connection with disciplinary matters; and forfeiture in lieu of compliance.
191.85.8 Change in name, address or state of residence.
191.85.9 Licensing of a business entity.
191.85.10 Initial training of navigators.
191.85.11 Continuing education requirements for navigators.
191.85.12 Administration of examinations.
191.85.13 Fees.
191.85.14 Evidence of financial responsibility.
191.85.15 Practices.
191.85.16 Severability.