Iowa Administrative Code - 05/04/2022

Banking Division [187] | Agency Listing
Chapter 2 APPLICATION PROCEDURES | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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187.2.1 Organization of a state-chartered bank.
187.2.2 Conversion of national bank into state bank.
187.2.3 Merger or purchase and assumption.
187.2.4 Establishment of a bank office.
187.2.5 Change of location of principal place of business or bank office.
187.2.6 Change of control.
187.2.7 Renewal, amendment or restatement of articles of incorporation.
187.2.8 Acquisition by regional bank holding company.
187.2.9 Licensing of a debt management company.
187.2.10 Reserved
187.2.11 Securing permission from the superintendent to engage in the business of selling certain instruments for the payment of money.
187.2.12 Supplemental application procedures.
187.2.13 Integral facility determination.
187.2.14 Investment in a bank service corporation or other subsidiary.
187.2.15 Securities activities.
187.2.16 Contracts.
187.2.17 Mobile offices, courier services, and convenience offices.