Iowa Administrative Code - 07/27/2022

Alcoholic Beverages Division [185] | Agency Listing
Chapter 4 LIQUOR LICENSES—BEER PERMITS—WINE PERMITS | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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185.4.1 Definitions.
185.4.2 General requirements.
185.4.3 Local ordinances permitted.
185.4.4 Licensed premises.
185.4.5 Mixed drinks or cocktails not for immediate consumption.
185.4.6 Filling and selling of beer in a container other than the original container.
185.4.7 Improper conduct.
185.4.8 Violation by agent, servant or employee.
185.4.9 Gambling evidence.
185.4.10 Filling and selling of mixed drinks or cocktails in a container other than the original container.
185.4.11 Filling and selling of wine and native wine in a container other than the original container.
185.4.12 Display of license, permit, or signs.
185.4.13 Outdoor service.
185.4.14 Revocation or suspension by local authority.
185.4.15 Suspension of liquor control license, wine permit, or beer permit.
185.4.16 Cancellation of beer permits—refunds.
185.4.17 Prohibited storage of alcoholic beverages and wine.
185.4.18 Transfer of license or permit to another location.
185.4.19 Execution and levy on alcoholic liquor, wine, and beer.
185.4.20 Liquor store checks accepted.
185.4.21 Where retailers must purchase wine.
185.4.22 Liquor on licensed premises.
185.4.23 Liquor on unlicensed places.
185.4.24 Alcoholic liquor and wine on beer permit premises.
185.4.25 Age requirements.
185.4.26 Timely filed status.
185.4.27 Effect of suspension.
185.4.28 Use of establishment during hours alcoholic liquor, wine, and beer cannot be consumed.
185.4.29 Rescinded
185.4.30 Persons producing fuel alcohol.
185.4.31 Storage of beer.
185.4.32 Delivery of alcoholic liquor.
185.4.33 Delivery of beer and wine.
185.4.34 Determination of population.
185.4.35 Minors in licensed establishments.
185.4.36 Sale of alcoholic liquor and wine stock when licensee or permittee sells business.
185.4.37 Business as usual on election days.
185.4.38 Sunday sale of wine.
185.4.39 Intoxication notice.
185.4.40 Warehousing of beer and wine.
185.4.41 Vending machines to dispense alcoholic beverages prohibited.