Iowa Administrative Code - 07/01/2020

Chief Information Officer, Office of the [129] | Agency Listing
Chapter 10 PROCUREMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY | Chapter Listing (Official Version - PDF format)
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129.10.1 General provisions.
129.10.2 Definitions.
129.10.3 Methods of procurement.
129.10.4 Master information technology agreements.
129.10.5 Prequalification of vendors.
129.10.6 Method of procurement, how determined.
129.10.7 Approval process for participating agencies.
129.10.8 Consultation.
129.10.9 Delegated procurement authority.
129.10.10 Duration of master information technology agreements.
129.10.11 Duration of information technology contracts.
129.10.12 Requirements applicable to competitive selection process.
129.10.13 Performance reviews and suspension/debarment.
129.10.14 Additional requirements and authorizations to information technology acquisitions and agreements.
129.10.15 Confidential information in a solicitation response.