Published Rule-Making Documents - 05/24/2017

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Digest Fiscal
3072C Administrative Services Department[11] Notice of Intended Action Human resources procedures, amendments to chs 4, 53, 54, 59 to 64, 70 06/13/201706/09/2017
3067C Soil Conservation and Water Quality Division[27] Notice of Intended Action Mine site registration renewal and fee, 60.31 06/13/201706/09/2017
3068C Attorney General[61] Notice of Intended Action Statement of property owner's rights, 34.1 06/13/201706/09/2017
3082C Beef Cattle Producers Association, Iowa[101] Adopted and Filed Reinstatement of state assessment; change in agency name and address; organization and operation; public records and information practices, amendments to chs 1 to 5 06/09/2017
3078C Banking Division[187] Adopted and Filed Regulated loans; industrial loans, chs 15, 16 06/13/201706/09/2017
3079C Banking Division[187] Adopted and Filed Delayed deposit services, ch 17 06/13/201706/09/2017
3080C Banking Division[187] Adopted and Filed Mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and real estate closing agents, amendments to ch 18 06/13/201706/09/2017
3081C Banking Division[187] Adopted and Filed Mortgage loan originators, amendments to ch 19 06/13/201706/09/2017
3065C Real Estate Commission[193E] Notice of Intended Action Licensure of brokers, salespersons and nonresident licensees, amendments to chs 3 to 5 06/13/201706/09/2017
3084C Real Estate Appraiser Examining Board[193F] Adopted and Filed Application for licensure—release of results and time frame for history check, 1.21, 4.1(3), 5.7(5), 6.7 06/09/2017
3064C Economic Development Authority[261] Notice of Intended Action Deadline for submittal of investment tax credit application, 115.4(2) 06/13/201706/09/2017
3077C Human Services Department[441] Notice of Intended Action Time frame for HCBS waiver services eligibility, amendments to ch 83 06/13/201706/09/2017
3073C Inspections and Appeals Department[481] Notice of Intended Action Award of attorney fees and court costs, 11.3(1), 11.9 to 11.11, 11.14 06/13/201706/09/2017
3074C Public Health Department[641] Notice of Intended Action General nuclear medicine technologist permit—computed tomography endorsement, 42.2, 42.6(4) 06/13/201706/09/2017
3075C Public Health Department[641] Notice of Intended Action Trauma care facility categorization and verification, 134.1 to 134.3 06/13/201706/09/2017
3076C Public Health Department[641] Notice of Intended Action Trauma education and training, 137.1 to 137.4 06/13/201706/09/2017
3083C Professional Licensure Division[645] Adopted and Filed Funeral directors, funeral establishments, cremation establishments—licensure, practice, continuing education, discipline, amendments to chs 100 to 104 06/09/2017
3069C Medicine Board[653] Notice of Intended Action Physician supervision of a physician assistant, amendments to ch 21 06/13/201706/09/2017
3071C Regents Board[681] Notice of Intended Action Promotional and lead worker pay; grievance procedure, 3.39, 3.129 06/13/201706/09/2017
3066C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Certain military and civilian support personnel—extension of Iowa income tax filing deadline, 39.12 06/13/201706/09/2017
3085C Revenue Department[701] Adopted and Filed Facilitating business rapid response to state-declared disasters, amend chs 12, 32, 39, 40, 46, 52 to 54, 80, 241; adopt ch 242 06/13/201706/09/2017
3070C Workforce Development Department[871] Notice of Intended Action Unemployment insurance services division; employer records, reports, contributions and charges; claims; benefits; benefit payment control, amendments to chs 21 to 25 06/13/201706/09/2017