Published Rule-Making Documents - 04/24/2019

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Fiscal
4407C Utilities Division[199] Amended Notice of Intended Action Electric interconnection of distributed generation facilities, 45.1, 45.5(10), 45.6(2) 05/14/201905/14/2019
4414C Utilities Division[199] Adopted and Filed Procedures for determining competitiveness of a communications service or facility, 5.1 to 5.5, 5.8 05/14/201905/14/2019
4402C Education Department[281] Notice of Intended Action General accreditation standards, 12.5, 12.8 05/14/201905/14/2019
4403C Education Department[281] Notice of Intended Action Medium of instruction for students of limited English proficiency, 60.3(4) 05/14/201905/14/2019
4404C Education Department[281] Notice of Intended Action Operational function sharing eligibility—master social workers, independent social workers, removal of supplemental weighting limit, 98.15 05/14/201905/14/2019
4411C Human Services Department[441] Adopted and Filed Required report for juvenile detention reimbursement, 167.3(2) 05/14/201905/14/2019
4410C Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department[605] Adopted and Filed Authorized flood project fund expenditures, 14.8(1) 05/14/2019
4409C Dental Board[650] Adopted and Filed Prescribing, administering, and dispensing drugs; continuing education; discipline, 16.1 to 16.7, 25.4, 30.4 05/14/201905/14/2019
4413C Nursing Board[655] Adopted and Filed Licensure to practice—registered nurses/licensed practical nurses, amendments to ch 3 05/14/201905/14/2019
4406C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Section 179 expensing, 40.65, 53.23, 59.24 05/14/201905/14/2019
4408C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Iowa educational savings plan trust; Iowa ABLE savings plan trust, 40.53, 40.81 05/14/201905/14/2019
4405C Veterans Affairs, Iowa Department of[801] Notice of Intended Action Veterans trust fund, 14.4(12) 05/14/201905/14/2019
4412C Labor Services Division[875] Adopted and Filed Occupational safety and health—penalties, reporting, adoption by reference, 3.11(1), 4.3(1)“h” 05/14/2019
4415C Workers’ Compensation Division[876] Adopted and Filed Payroll tax tables, 8.8 05/14/2019