Published Rule-Making Documents - 01/27/2021

All published rule-making documents by year.
ARC Agency Type Title PDF RTF Minutes Fiscal
5400C Professional Licensing and Regulation Bureau[193] Notice of Intended Action Waivers; licensure; criminal convictions, amend chs 5, 14; adopt ch 15 02/05/2021
5403C Utilities Division[199] Notice of Intended Action Hazardous liquid pipelines and underground storage, amendments to ch 13 02/05/2021
5401C School Budget Review Committee[289] Notice of Intended Action Applications for modified supplemental amounts, 6.3(3)“k” 02/05/202102/05/2021
5406C Human Services Department[441] Notice of Intended Action Kinship caregiver program, 156.1, 156.7, 156.8(5), 202.1, 202.4(3)“a” 02/05/202102/05/2021
5404C Inspections and Appeals Department[481] Adopted and Filed Consumable hemp products, ch 32 02/05/2021
5402C Law Enforcement Academy[501] Notice of Intended Action Law enforcement officers and reserve peace officers—training, emergency care providers, 1.1, 2.1, 3.2, 3.8(4)“d,” 6.2, 8.1(6), 10.206(5), ch 14 02/05/2021
5405C Professional Licensure Division[645] Adopted and Filed Dietitians—licensure, telehealth visits, 81.4, 81.5(2), 81.7, 81.17 02/05/2021
5407C Public Safety Department[661] Adopted and Filed Devices and methods to test body fluids for alcohol or drugs, 157.2(2), 157.5(2), 157.7
5408C Public Safety Department[661] Adopted and Filed Flammable and combustible liquids, amendments to ch 221
5409C Public Safety Department[661] Adopted and Filed Aboveground flammable or combustible storage tanks, amendments to ch 224
5398C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Powers of attorney; tax information disclosure designation, 5.7, 5.11, 7.6, 7.34 02/05/2021
5399C Revenue Department[701] Notice of Intended Action Broadband infrastructure grant exemption, 40.84, 53.28, 59.30 02/05/202102/05/2021
5397C Secretary of State[721] Notice of Intended Action Petitions for rule making; waivers, amendments to chs 8, 10 02/05/2021