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House Journal: Page 1397: Monday, April 21, 1997

House File 275, an act relating to trademarks and service marks
registered with the secretary of state.
House File 313, an act requiring criminal and child abuse record
checks of persons receiving state funding for providing child
day care, and making a penalty applicable.
House File 354, an act relating to activities of a foreign
corporation which do not constitute doing business in or
deriving income from the state for state tax purposes and
including effective and retroactive applicability date
House File 368, an act relating to the establishment of the
entrepreneurial ventures assistance program and allocating funds
from the Iowa strategic investment fund for the administration
and operation of the program.
House File 370, an act relating to workers' compensation
benefits for professional athletes and providing an effective
House File 372, an act establishing a county issuance of motor
vehicle licenses study and providing effective dates.
House File 475, an act relating to the acquisition of a branch
of a savings association by a newly chartered bank and providing
an effective date.
House File 545, an act relating to the criteria for placement of
delinquent children, for whom guardianship has been transferred
to the director of human services, in certain facilities.
House File 578, an act providing for the continued operation of
the department of human rights and including an effective date.
House File 653, an act relating to financial assurance
requirements for waste tire collection and processing sites.
Senate File 75, an act relating to the qualifications of
groundwater professionals.
Senate File 104, an act relating to a minimum age requirement
for a coaching authorization issued by the state board of
educational examiners and providing an effective date.
Senate File 118, an act relating to statutory corrections which
may adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier
omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete
temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts,
update ongoing provisions, or remove ambiguities, and providing
effective and retroactive applicability dates.
Senate File 222, an act relating to the use tax on motor vehicle
Senate File 230, an act relating to child abuse provisions
involving assessments performed by the department of human
services in response to reports of child abuse and providing
effective dates.
Senate File 296, an act relating to nonoccupational health care
plan payments when an employer disputes workers' compensation
Senate File 361, an act relating to the state workers'
compensation coverage for students participating in
school-to-work programs and providing for related matters.

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