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SSB 1031 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
concerning the circumstances under which employers can enter into noncompete agreements with employees and including applicability provisions.
SSB 1041 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to a temporary exception to a limitation on compensation for a member of a board of directors of a school corporation, and including effective date provisions.
SF 17 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
exempting from the individual income tax the wages of individuals who provide services to disabled individuals and including effective date and applicability provisions.
SF 37 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to the exclusion of retirement income from the computation of the individual income tax including providing an exclusion for the federal civil service retirement system, and phasing in an exclusion of other retirement income, and including re...
HF 69 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to the taxation of compensation paid by a publicly held corporation to its chief executive officer under the state corporate income tax, franchise tax, and insurance companies tax, and including applicability provisions.
HF 31 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to overtime leave or pay earned by department of transportation highway maintenance employees.
IAC Rule 11.64.6
Iowa Administrative Code
Deferred compensation. Definitions. Plan administration. Director’s authorization. Plan modification. Location of account documentation. Not an employment contract. Tax relief not guaranteed. Investment agents. Plan expenses. Time periods. Suppl...
Published: 10/10/2018
Tagged topics: deferred compensation
IAC Rule 11.64.14
Iowa Administrative Code
Deferred compensation match plan.
Published: 11/04/2009
Tagged topics: deferred compensation
The department shall make available to eligible state employees the option of utilizing mutual funds as an investment alternative to the state’s deferred compensation plan established under section 509A.12. Participating employees shall, to the exte...
A separate, special Iowa state employee deferred compensation trust fund is created in the state treasury under the control of the department. The fund shall consist of all moneys deposited in the fund pursuant to this section, any other assets that...