No Director Assigned To Department/Agency

  Related Internal Entities

  Boards & Commissions

Agency Administration & Staffing - A list of agency employees, including telephone numbers and email addresses.

Organizational Chart - Table of Organization as provided by the Department showing the staffing structure within an agency.

Demographics - No demographic information available for this department.

  Budget Information

Budget Schedules - The schedules provide financial information for all agencies in State government. The information used in creating the schedules came from the Department of Management's budget system. The Legislative Services Agency has not altered any of the financial information. The information is organized by department. For each department there is a list of accounts called budget units. Each budget unit represents a distinct account within a department.

Annual State Budget Analysis - Summary analysis of the State Department budget requests and the Governor's budget recommendations.

LSA Appropriations Tracking - LSA Tracking Reports includes reports created by the LSA's Fiscal Services Division that provide relevant information on the status of appropriation decisions during the legislative session.
  Legislation, Laws & Rules

Iowa Code - Composite of all permanent laws enacted by the Iowa General Assembly.

Iowa Administrative Rules (Agency ID ) - Composite of all adopted administrative rules.

Department filed bills - Legislative bills and joint resolutions proposed by the department prior to the regular legislative session and drafted by the Legislative Services Agency pursuant to Iowa Code section 2.16 for consideration by the General Assembly.

Rules Tracker - Tool to track the progress of each rulemaking document.


Audit Reports - Audit reports issued by the Auditor of State.

Factbook Individual Documents - Individual Factbook pages, statistics on Iowa's government, economy, and population.

Fees Project - Biennial report on fees charged by the department as authorized in the Code of Iowa or through administrative rule.

Fiscal Topics - One to two-page summaries reviewing a selected State government issue or topic.

Fiscal Updates - Fiscal Services newsletter, published weekly during session and periodically during the interim.

Issue Reviews - Detailed reviews of selected issues concerning State government.

Map of the Week - Fiscal and census data displayed by local government entity, legislative district, census unit, or other unit on a wide variety of topics. Published weekly by the LSA.

Materials Distributed - Information prepared by the department for and submitted to a legislative committee or subcommittee.

Reports Required to be Filed with General Assembly - These reports and other documents are officially filed with the Senate or House of Representatives and are organized by department or topic.

Disclaimer: The intent of these pages is to serve as a repository for information submitted to the General Assembly. The materials provided for each agency include information prepared by the Executive and Judicial Branches and by the nonpartisan Legislative Services Agency.