Pre-filed Bills

Legislative bills and joint resolutions submitted for consideration by the General Assembly, before the convening of any session of the General Assembly.

Date Document Background Statement
02/14/2022 Department of Revenue, Omnibus (5321XD) - Revenue, Department of
02/08/2022 Elections Policy (5326XD) - Secretary of State
02/07/2022 Elections, Technical (5334XD) - Secretary of State
02/01/2022 Agriculture Omnibus (5280XD) - Agriculture and Land Stewardship, Department of
01/31/2022 Juvenile Justice (5240XD) - Human Services, Department of
01/26/2022 Child Advocacy Board (5168DP) - Inspections and Appeals, Department of
01/24/2022 Office of Financial Literacy (5297XD) - Commerce, Department of
01/21/2022 State Child Care Assistance (5235XD) - Human Services, Department of
01/18/2022 Home Contractor Bond (5327DP) - Attorney General
01/18/2022 Remote Testimony (5314XD) - Judicial Branch
01/14/2022 Alcohol Licensing Reform (5292XD) - Commerce, Department of /Alcoholic Beverages Division
01/12/2022 Stormwater and Floodplains (5323DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
01/12/2022 Insurance Holding Company Systems (5164XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
01/10/2022 Controlled Substances (5224DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
01/10/2022 Department of Revenue, Sales Tax (5284XD) - Revenue, Department of
01/10/2022 Probate Indigent Defense, Transcripts (5320XD) - Judicial Branch
01/10/2022 State Court Administrator, Salary (5312XD) - Judicial Branch
01/07/2022 Boating (5318DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
01/07/2022 Apportionment of District Associate Judges (5311XD) - Judicial Branch
01/04/2022 Funeral and Cemetery Services, Preneed Purchases (5167XD) - Commerce, Department of /Insurance Division
12/30/2021 Ombudsman, Access to Records (5328DP) - Ombudsman, Office of
12/29/2021 Local Building Codes, Energy Conservation (5295YH) - Isenhart, Charles, House
12/28/2021 Disaster Assistance, Public Liability (5247DP) - Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of
12/27/2021 Iowa Energy Center, Sunset Extension (5310YH) - Isenhart, Charles, House
12/22/2021 Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Contract Limitations (5300XD) - Telecommunications and Technology Commission, Iowa
12/21/2021 Iowa Council on Homelessness (5333XD) - Finance Authority, Iowa
12/20/2021 Iowa PBS Board Property Rights (5340DP) - Public Broadcasting Board
12/17/2021 Iowa Drug Policy Advisory Council (5250XD) - Drug Control Policy, Governor’s Office of
12/17/2021 Environmental Services Division, Technical (5317DP) - Natural Resources, Department of
12/17/2021 Video Hearings (5322XD) - Public Defender, State
12/16/2021 Unemployment Insurance (5336DP) - Workforce Development, Department of
12/15/2021 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (5296XD) - Administrative Services, Department of
12/15/2021 Economic Development Authority, Technical (5319XD) - Economic Development Authority
12/14/2021 Pharmacy Practice (5222DP) - Pharmacy, Board of
12/13/2021 Flood Recovery Fund Interest (5248DP) - Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of
12/13/2021 English Learners, Higher Learning Commission (5324XD) - Education, Department of
12/10/2021 Infectious Disease Prevention and Response, Interim Committee (5215YH) - Isenhart, Charles, House
12/10/2021 Licensing Boards, Complaints (5313DP) - Ombudsman, Office of
12/10/2021 Airports, Air Traffic Patterns, Site Approval Requirements (5329DP) - Transportation, Department of
12/09/2021 Move Over Laws (5316XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/09/2021 Sex Offender Registry (5315XD) - Public Safety, Department of
12/09/2021 Auditing Expenses (5226DP) - Auditor of State
12/09/2021 Office of State Public Defender, Wrongful Conviction Division (5230XD) - Public Defender, State
12/09/2021 Public Funds, Innovation and Efficiencies (5232DP) - Auditor of State
12/09/2021 Health Care Facilities, Violations (5166DP) - Inspections and Appeals, Department of
12/07/2021 Iowa Comprehensive Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund, Repeal (5074DP) - Underground Storage Tank Fund Board
12/07/2021 Periodic Examination Fees (5227DP) - Auditor of State
12/07/2021 Postsecondary Registration (5238DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/07/2021 Campaign Disclosure Reports, Nonelection Year Reporting Periods (5261DP) - Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board
12/07/2021 Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship (5241DP) - College Student Aid Commission
12/06/2021 Levee Study Extension (5249DP) - Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Department of
12/02/2021 Public Funds, Suspected Fraud (5257DP) - Auditor of State
12/02/2021 Theft of Public Funds (5220DP) - Auditor of State