Property Taxation Review Committee (J)


The Property Taxation Review Committee shall review and analyze the following: a. Revenue sources available to local governments, including taxes, payments in lieu of property taxes, fees, state appropriations, and federal moneys; b. The portion of state revenues annually appropriated, or otherwise disbursed, to local governments; c. Exemptions, credits, deductions, exclusions, and other reductions in local taxes, authorized by state statute or local ordinance, to local taxpayers and state reimbursement of any property tax credits and exemptions; d. Services provided by local governments, including those provided at the discretion of a local government and those mandated by federal or state statutes and regulations; e. The role of property taxes in funding local government services and the types of services currently funded by property taxes; f. Alternative systems of property taxation, alternative procedures for protesting property assessments, and various methods of controlling property tax revenues and expenditures. In conducting its review and analysis, the committee shall study local taxes from the standpoint of neutrality; competitiveness; simplicity; stability; and equity, including maintenance of equity among classes of taxpayers and among taxpayers within the same class. The committee may hold public hearings to allow persons and organizations to be heard.

Senate Members
House Members
Public Members
  • Larry Countryman,
  • R. Kim Dreher,
  • Cynthia Eisenhauer (nonvoting member),
  • Dale Hyman,
  • Thomas K. Jarrett,
  • Tim McGee,
  • Michael Ralston,
  • Curtis Rouse,
  • Jerry Shepler,
  • Larry Sigel,
  • Ted Tedesco,
  • Grant Veeder,
Committee Information