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Senate Journal: Page 634: Wednesday, March 11, 1998


  S-5177		S.F. 2280	Nancy Boettger
  S-5178		S.F. 2404	H. Kay Hedge
  John P. Kibbie
  S-5179		S.F. 2381	Dennis H. Black
  S-5180		S.F. 2381	Dennis H. Black
  S-5181		S.F. 2335	O. Gene Maddox
  S-5182		S.F. 2384	O. Gene Maddox
  S-5183		S.F. 2363	Mary Neuhauser
  S-5184		S.F. 2363	Mary Neuhauser
  S-5185		S.F. 2363	Johnie Hammond
  S-5186		S.F. 2363	Johnie Hammond
  S-5187		S.F. 2360	O. Gene Maddox
  S-5188		S.F. 2383	Mary A. Lundby
  S-5189		S.F. 2358	Rod Halvorson
  S-5190		S.F. 2363	Elaine Szymoniak
  S-5191		S.F. 2381	Robert E. Dvorsky
  S-5192		S.F. 2192	Mike Connolly

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