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House Journal: Page 1125: Tuesday, March 31, 1998

A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on March 31, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
House File 58, an act relating to fees charged by an employer
for copies of items in an employee's personnel file.
House File 2146, an act establishing Iowa State Flag Day.
House File 2210, an act relating to energy conservation
including making appropriations of petroleum overcharge funds
and providing for the dissolution of the energy fund
disbursement council and intermodal revolving loan fund.
House File 2246, an act relating to the collection and payment
of fees and expenses of county medical examiners.
House File 2317, an act relating to drainage districts, by
providing for the maintenance, repair, or replacement of
improvements within drainage districts.
House File 2324, an act relating to the statutory elements of
certain forms of assault.
House File 2340, an act relating to the inclusion of dentists
and certain other medical specialists in the volunteer health
care provider program.
House File 2353, an act relating to exemptions from
distinguishing registration plates for motor vehicles.
House File 2412, an act relating to optometrists' reports to the
Department of Transportation concerning a person's ability to
operate a motor vehicle.
Senate File 2090, an act relating to compensation for the legal
defense of indigent persons in prison disciplinary
postconviction cases and providing an effective date and for
retroactive applicability.
Senate File 2183, an act relating to a transfer of the records
management duties of the Department of General Services to the
Department of Cultural Affairs and making conforming changes.
Senate File 2184, an act relating to the disposal of cement kiln
dust at tonnage fee exempt solid waste disposal facilities.
Senate File 2220, an act relating to the definition of a chronic
Senate File 2367, an act relating to county vital statistics by
providing for the issuance of marriage licenses and eliminating
the fee for county birth registrations.
Senate File 2373, an act relating to certain crimes against
persons, by permitting the retention as criminal history data of
acquittals, dismissals, or adjudications based on mental
condition if the charge involved injury to another, by providing
for the collection and dissemination of information on the
offense of stalking, by providing for the application of
enhanced stalking penalties for persons who are the subject of
certain restraining or protective orders and providing for the
issuance of no-contact orders against persons who are arrested
for the crimes of harassment or stalking and providing penalties.

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