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House Journal: Page 1455: Tuesday, April 22, 1997

House File 229, an act relating to the availability of a map
indicating the location of electric transmission lines related
to the extension of a franchise.
House File 232, an act providing for court-ordered treatment of
a criminal defendant judged mentally incapable of standing trial.
House File 233, an act relating to cooperative associations, by
providing for the filing of documents and providing for the
effective date of a merger or consolidation.
House File 495, an act relating to certain machinery, equipment,
and computers for purposes of property taxation and providing an
applicability date.
House File 550, an act relating to the exemption of certain
multiple employer welfare arrangements from regulation by the
insurance division and providing an effective date.
House File 659, an act relating to the regulation of the
practice of respiratory care.
House File 685, an act relating to the required business hours
of a motorcycle dealer.
House File 688, an act relating to handicapped parking permits
by changing the term handicapped to the term person with a
disability and by providing for nonexpiring removable windshield
placards for persons with a lifelong disability, eliminating the
requirement that physicians or chiropractors sign removable
windshield placards, and eliminating certain identification
requirements for persons with disabilities and providing an
effective date and applicability provisions.
Senate File 30, an act relating to the exemption from sales,
services, and use taxes of adjuvants and surfactants used to
enhance the application of fertilizers, limestone, herbicides,
pesticides, and insecticides in agricultural production and
providing effective and retroactive applicability date
Senate File 95, an act relating to water and ice vessel accident
reports filed with the natural resource commission of the
department of natural resources and providing for an effective
date and the Act's applicability.
Senate File 131, an act relating to fraudulent practices
involving family investment and medical assistance program
benefits and making penalties applicable.
Senate File 219, an act relating to trespassing or stray
livestock and providing remedies and an effective date.
Senate File 232, an act relating to notarial acts and providing
an effective date.
Senate File 235, an act providing authority to soil and water
conservation district commissioners to allocate moneys for the
emergency restoration of permanent soil and water conservation
Senate File 238, an act repealing the procedures for disposition
of the contents of a decedent's safe deposit box and providing
an effective date.
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