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House Journal: Page 1456: Tuesday, April 22, 1997

April 22, 1997
The Honorable Ron Corbett
Speaker of the House
State Capitol Building

Dear Mr. Speaker:
I hereby transmit House File 655, an act appropriating funds to
the Department of Economic Development, certain Board of Regents
institutions, the Department of Workforce Development, the
Public Employment Relations Board, making statutory changes, and
providing an effective date.
House File 655 is, therefore, approved on this date with the
following exception, which I hereby disapprove.
I am unable to approve Section 29, in its entirety, which
relates to the dissolution of the Iowa Seed Capital Corporation.
This provision was intended to be enacted in conjunction with
House File 652, which would establish a new structure for seed
and venture capital programs in Iowa. Due to the uncertain
outcome of the General Assembly's deliberations concerning House
File 652, I am unable to approve this provision. If House File
652 fails to be enacted, the Iowa Seed Capital Corporation
should remain in existence until the General Assembly again has
the opportunity to consider the state's seed and venture capital
policies in the 1998 session.
For the above reason, I hereby respectfully disapprove this item
in accordance with Amendment IV of the Amendments of 1968 to the
Constitution of the State of Iowa. All other items in House File
655 are hereby approved as of this date.

	Terry E. Branstad
The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present
in the House chamber:
Eleven student council members from Beckman High School,
Dyersville, accompanied by Marilyn Noel and Pat Lehmann. By
Scherrman of Dubuque.
Forty-three 6th grade students from Nashua-Plainfield School
District, Nashua, accompanied by Mr. Andersen. By Weigel of
Chickasaw, Koenigs of Mitchell and Brunkhorst of Bremer.
MR. SPEAKER: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that certificates of recognition have been issued as follows.
Chief Clerk of the House

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