LSA Twitter Information

The Legislative Services Agency (LSA) has established a Twitter account to provide instant access to information published by the LSA. The username is IowaLSA.

Click on this link to access recent publications. Click on "Join Today" to sign up to follow IowaLSA.

Examples of linked publications include:
  • Interim Calendar and Briefing - Legal Services Division Interim newsletter.
  • Fiscal Update - Fiscal Services Division newsletter.
  • Fiscal Topics - Brief (1 to 2 page) summaries of selected state government topics.
  • Issue Reviews - Detailed reviews of selected state government issues.
  • Iowa Administrative Rules Information (Bulletin, Agenda, Digest).
  • Monthly Revenue Memo and other revenue reports.
  • Legal Background Briefings - Information of a particular area of law.
  • Legal Updates - Briefings on selected recent court decisions, Attorney General Opinions, and regulatory actions.
  • Legislative Guides - Legal Services Division reviews of selected state government issues.
  • Email subscriptions to all these publications are also available through the LSA listserv (links on left of page).

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