Iowa Official Register Archive

The Iowa Official Register, or Redbook as it is commonly known, is published biennially and contains historical and current biographical information about Iowa's governmental institutions and leaders, as well as other information and statistics of general value but not of a partisan nature.

Redbook-2021-2022 (89GA)
Redbook-2019-2020 (88GA)
Redbook-2017-2018 (87GA)
Redbook-2015-2016 (86GA)
Redbook-2013-2014 (85GA)
Redbook-2011-2012 (84GA)
Redbook-2009-2010 (83GA)
Redbook-2007-2008 (82GA)
Redbook-2005-2006 (81GA)
Redbook-1999-2000 (78GA)
Redbook-1997-1998 (77GA)
Redbook-1995-1996 (76GA)
Redbook-1993-1994 (75GA)
Redbook-1991-1992 (74GA)
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Redbook-1987-1988 (72GA)
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Redbook-1983-1984 (70GA)
Redbook-1981-1982 (69GA)
Redbook-1979-1980 (68GA)
Redbook-1977-1978 (67GA)
Redbook-1975-1976 (66GA)
Redbook-1973-1974 (65GA)
Redbook-1971-1972 (64GA)
Redbook-1969-1970 (63GA)
Redbook-1967-1968 (62GA)
Redbook-1965-1966 (61GA)
Redbook-1963-1964 (60GA)
Redbook-1961-1962 (59GA)
Redbook-1959-1960 (58GA)
Redbook-1957-1958 (57GA)
Redbook-1955-1956 (56GA)
Redbook-1953-1954 (55GA)
Redbook-1951-1952 (54GA)
Redbook-1949-1950 (53GA)
Redbook-1947-1948 (52GA)
Redbook-1945-1946 (51GA)
Redbook-1943-1944 (50GA)
Redbook-1941-1942 (49GA)
Redbook-1939-1940 (48GA)
Redbook-1937-1938 (47GA)
Redbook-1935-1936 (46GA)
Redbook-1933-1934 (45GA)
Redbook-1931-1932 (44GA)
Redbook-1929-1930 (43GA)
Redbook-1927-1928 (42GA)
Redbook-1925-1926 (41GA)
Redbook-1923-1924 (40GA)
Redbook-1921-1922 (39GA)
Redbook-1919-1920 (38GA)
Redbook-1917-1918 (37GA)
Redbook-1915-1916 (36GA)
Redbook-1913-1914 (35GA)
Redbook-1911-1912 (34GA)
Redbook-1909-1910 (33GA)
Redbook-1907-1908 (32GA)
Redbook-1906 (31GA)
Redbook-1904 (30GA)
Redbook-1905 (30GA)
Redbook-1903 (29GA)
Redbook-1902 (29GA)
Redbook-1901 (28GA)
Redbook-1900 (28GA)
Redbook-1899 (27GA)
Redbook-1898 (27GA)
Redbook-1897 (26GA)
Redbook-1896 (26GA)
Redbook-1895 (25GA)
Redbook-1894 (25GA)
Redbook-1893 (24GA)
Redbook-1892 (24GA)
Redbook-1891 (23GA)
Redbook-1890 (23GA)
Redbook-1889 (22GA)
Redbook-1888 (22GA)
Redbook-1887 (21GA)
Redbook-1886 (21GA)
Redbook-1882 (19GA)
Redbook-1881 (18GA)
Redbook-1879 (17GA)
Redbook-1873 (14GA)
Redbook-1862 (9GA)
Redbook-1860 (8GA)