Pieces of Iowa's Past

Title Date PDF Audio
Crampton Linley: Iowa State Capitol’s Tragic Hero 06/10/2020
The FDR Hook Remains at the Iowa State Capitol 06/03/2020
Foglesong: Early Iowa State Capitol Landscape Architect 03/11/2020
Edwin H. Blashfield’s Description of His Mural Westward 03/04/2020
Iowa Territorial Supreme Court Case of “Ralph” 02/26/2020
The Memorial Arch of Des Moines 02/19/2020
Two Magnificent Structures Contained Stone Quarried in Iowa 02/12/2020
Iowa State Capitol Construction Order Postcards 02/05/2020
The Rise and Fall of the Court Avenue Viaduct in Des Moines 01/29/2020
President U. S. Grant’s Memorial at the Iowa State Capitol 01/22/2020
Examining the Eights: Capitol Interior Restoration and Battle Flag Preservation 01/15/2020