Pieces of Iowa's Past

Title Date PDF Audio
Presentation of the USS Iowa Silver Service 04/21/2021
President Roosevelt Visits the Iowa Capitol 04/14/2021
Examining the Nines: House and Senate Renovations 04/07/2021
Examining the Nines: President Ronald Reagan Addresses the Iowa General Assembly 03/31/2021
100th Anniversary of Iowa's State Banner 03/24/2021
Examining the Nines: Reapportionment and Sister States 03/17/2021
Examining the Nines: Efficiency Committee 03/10/2021
The College of Physicians and Surgeons at Keokuk 03/03/2021
Examining the Nines: Killing of the Constitutional Convention 02/24/2021
Arabella Mansfield: The Nation's First Woman Lawyer 02/17/2021
Examining the Nines: McKinley Memorial 02/10/2021
George Gallup: Iowa Award Winner 02/03/2021
Examining the Nines: Moore's Opera House 01/27/2021
Charles A. Cumming: Director, Des Moines Academy of Art 01/20/2021
Examining the Nines: Miller’s Appointment to the U.S. Supreme Court 01/13/2021