Pieces of Iowa's Past

Title Date PDF Audio
"Soldiers in White" Memorial 05/01/2019
Iowa General Assembly: Special Sessions 04/24/2019
Ida B. Wise Smith: Temperance Movement in Iowa 04/17/2019
Examining the Eights: Media Coverage in Iowa's Courts 04/10/2019
Jeremiah Smith Built Iowa’s First Capitol 04/03/2019
Examining the Eights: Legislative Spring Recess 03/27/2019
Cyrus Jacobs: Killed Before Serving in Legislature 03/20/2019
Iowa State Capitol Centennial Fountain 03/13/2019
The 100th Iowa County 03/06/2019
Examining the Eights: Coordination and Consolidation 02/27/2019
Amelia Earhart: A Des Moines Connection 02/20/2019
Examining the Eights: Voting Rights for Women 02/13/2019
Examining the Eights: Establishing Public Schools in Iowa 02/06/2019
Lynching of the Barber Brothers 01/30/2019
Examining the Eights: Cost Reduction for Steel Rails 01/23/2019
Examining the Eights: Purchasing the Brick Capitol 01/16/2019