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Chapter 89 (SF638)  State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes
2019 Iowa Acts
89 State and local government and regulatory matters — appropriations and miscellaneous changes relating
Tagged topics: appropriations
Chapter 111 (SF570)  Disaster emergency assistance by licensed architects and professional engineers — immunity
2019 Iowa Acts
services related to the disaster emergency See chapter 89, §8 herein shall not be liable for civil damages
Chapter 60 (HF681)  Criminal history checks of care providers
2019 Iowa Acts
qualified entity and who is employed by See chapter 89, §20 herein volunteers with, or seeks to volunteer
Chapter 16 (SF559)  Portable electronics insurance — electronic notices to consumer
2019 Iowa Acts
505B.1, except for the provisions in See chapter 89, §18 herein subsection 4. The insurer or portable
Chapter 19 (SF558)  Domestic surplus lines insurer requirements
2019 Iowa Acts
insurer shall only write surplus line See chapter 89, §17 herein business. The resolution shall not be
Chapter 52 (SF600)  Appropriations — transportation
2019 Iowa Acts
relating to transportation and other infrastructure-related appropriations to the department of transportation, including allocation and use of moneys from the road use tax fund and the primary road fund, and including effective date provisions. F...
Chapter 11 (SF274)  Speech and expression at public institutions of higher education
2019 Iowa Acts
established first amendment principles. See chapter 89, §12 herein 3. A public institution of higher education
Chapter 61 (HF690)  Children’s behavioral health system
2019 Iowa Acts
groups: a. The director of the department See chapter 89, §10 herein or the director’s designee. b. The director
Chapter 156 (HF634)  Department of human rights — division of criminal and juvenile justice planning — boards and councils
2019 Iowa Acts
input. l. Recommending to the board See chapter 89, §9 herein the adoption of rules pursuant to chapter
Chapter 137 (HF765)  Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
2019 Iowa Acts
projects at board of regents institutions. See chapter 89, §41 herein APPLICABILITY. This division of this