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Chapter 55 (HF532)  Physician workforce support — residency programs — study
2019 Iowa Acts
55 Physician workforce support — residency programs — study relating to the physician workforce in the
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Chapter 96 (SF394)  Educational standards — online learning alternatives
2019 Iowa Acts
approved in accordance with section 256.9, subsection 55.
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Chapter 135 (HF758)  Appropriations — education
2019 Iowa Acts
relating to the funding of, the operation of, and appropriation of moneys to the college student aid commission, the department for the blind, the department of education, and the state board of regents, providing for related matters, and includin...
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Chapter 151 (HF767)  Motor vehicle taxes and fees — electric vehicle registration fees — electric and hydrogen fuel excise taxes
2019 Iowa Acts
Audits shall be conducted pursuant to section 452A.55 and in accordance with international fuel tax agreement
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Chapter 24 (SF333)  Nonsubstantive Code corrections
2019 Iowa Acts
quarter wages: average weekly wage: 0 1/23 53% 1 1/22 55% 2 1/21 57% 3 1/20 60% 4 or more 1/19 65% b. The
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Chapter 85 (HF766)  Appropriations — health and human services
2019 Iowa Acts
relating to appropriations for health and human services and veterans and including other related provisions an d appropriations, providing penalties, and including effective date and retroactive and other applicability date provisions. DEPARTMENT...
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