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A person serving a sentence for conviction of a felony, who has a criminal record of one or more prior convictions for a forcible felony or a crime of a similar gravity in this or any other state, shall be denied parole or work release unless the pers...
Tagged topics: parolework release
An inmate of an institution shall be required to perform hard labor which is suited to the inmate’s age, gender, physical and mental condition, strength, and attainments in the institution proper, in the industries established in connection with the i...
Tagged topics: hard laborinmate labor
At the time of sentencing, the court shall determine when a person convicted under section 124.401, subsection 1, paragraph “b”, shall first become eligible for parole or work release within the parameters described in section 124.413, subsection...
An area education agency or local school district may appeal a decision made pursuant to section 282.31 to the state board of education. The decision of the state board is final.
Tagged topics: juvenile facilities
As used in this section, “officer” means peace officer as defined in section 724.2A or a correctional officer. A person who knowingly or intentionally removes or attempts to remove a communication device or any device used for control from the p...
The court may direct that a prisoner sentenced to confinement in a county jail, alternate jail facility, or community correctional residential treatment facility, be released from custody during specified hours, as provided by sections 356.26 to 356....
Tagged topics: work release
A child who lives in a facility pursuant to section 282.30, subsection 1, paragraph “a”, and who is not enrolled in the educational program of the district of residence of the child, shall receive appropriate educational services. The area educati...
Tagged topics: juvenile facilities
An inmate serving a mandatory minimum sentence of one year or more, who is approved to participate in the work release program, shall serve the final six months of the inmate’s mandatory minimum sentence performing labor in the program. Duties, if pos...
Tagged topics: work release
An FY 2009 prison bonding fund is created as a separate fund in the state treasury. Moneys in the fund shall not be subject to appropriation for any other purpose by the general assembly, but shall be used only for the purposes of the FY 2009 prison b...
The director of the academy, subject to the approval of the council, and in consultation with the Iowa department of corrections, Iowa state sheriffs’ and deputies’ association, and the Iowa peace officers association, shall adopt rules in accordance ...
Tagged topics: jails