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SF 57 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to retention and recertification elections for public employee collective bargaining units conducted by the public employment relations board.
HF 96 (Introduced)
89th General Assembly
relating to the date for an election to authorize the issuance of certain indebtedness by school districts.
ARC #5236C
Rule-Making Document (ARC)
The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board hereby proposes to rescind Chapter 3, “Iowa Election Campaign Fund,” and to amend Chapter 4, “Campaign Disclosure Procedures,” Chapter 5, “Use of Public Resources for a Political Purpose,” Chapter 6, “...
Joint conventions of the general assembly shall meet in the house of representatives for such purposes as are provided by law. The president of the senate, or, in the president’s absence, the president pro tempore of the senate shall preside at such j...
The clerk of the house of representatives shall act as secretary of the convention, and the clerk and the secretary of the senate shall keep a fair and correct record of the proceedings of the convention, which shall be entered on the journal of each ...
Tagged topics: elections and politics
The general assembly shall meet in joint session on the same day the assembly first convenes in January of 1979 and every four years thereafter as soon as both houses have been organized, and canvass the votes cast for governor and lieutenant governor...
After the time for the meeting of the joint convention has been designated each house shall appoint three tellers, and the six shall act as judges of the election. Canvassing the votes for governor and lieutenant governor shall be conducted substantia...
When any officer is to be elected by joint convention, the names of the members shall be arranged in alphabetical order by the secretaries, and each member shall vote in the order in which the member’s name stands when so arranged. The name of the per...
Tagged topics: elections and politics
When any person shall have received a majority of the votes, the president shall declare the person to be elected, and shall, in the presence of the convention, sign two certificates of such election, attested by the tellers, one of which the presiden...
Tagged topics: elections and politics
IAC Rule 11.63.13
Iowa Administrative Code
Voting leave.
Published: 05/24/2006
Tagged topics: elections and politics,  voting