Budget Schedules & Related Information

Schedule 1 - These schedules are provided primarily for budget units that receive state appropriations. They are intended to show the base appropriation for the next budget year, plus any increases or decreases in requested funding.

Schedule 6 - Every budget unit has a schedule 6. These schedules show revenues, expenditures, and balances for each account and fund. The line-item financial information is listed by revenue and expenditure class. The budget units include appropriation accounts, funds, and clearing accounts. Clearing accounts are used by state agencies for administrative accounting purposes, such as payroll withholdings.

Fiscal Topics - One-page to two-page summaries reviewing a selected state government issue or topic.

Fiscal Year
Special Department
Budget Unit Budget Unit Name Schedule 1 Schedule 6 Fiscal Topics
00000000001 Fund Only
99000000001 Fund Only
99100000001 Fund Only
99300000001 Assigned BU
99400000001 Fund Only
99500000001 Fund Only
99600000001 Fund Only
99700000001 Fund Only
99800000001 Fund Only
99900000001 Fund Only