Balance Sheets - Analysis of Governor's Budget Recommendations

This document includes the LSA's analysis of the Governor's budget recommendations for the next fiscal year. It is published in January of each year. The primary purpose of this document is to help educate the General Assembly about the Governor's budget proposals as well as other budget issues that may need consideration. The LSA balance sheet referenced in this document includes a projection for the next fiscal year. The projection is intended to be used for planning purposes by the General Assembly in addressing future budget decisions. The projection incorporates the current revenue estimates of the REC and bases the appropriation estimates on current law. The LSA does not assume the enactment of legislation that would affect the budget.

Date Fiscal Year
10/17/2019 2019 Session (Jan 2019)
04/03/2017 2017 Session (Mar 2017) Revised Gov Rec
03/15/2017 2017 Session (Jan 2017)
03/10/2016 2016 Session (Jan 2016)
03/09/2016 2014 Session (Jan 2014)
08/14/2015 2015 Session (Jan 2015)