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Compiled Historical Information
Date of Death: 11/10/1924
Birth Place: Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
Birth Country: Germany
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Assemblies Served:
Senate: 34 (1911) - 37 (1917)
Home County: Dubuque
Nicholas John Schrup
Dubuque County


MR. PRESIDENT: Your committee which was appointed to report a resolution commemorating the life, character and services of the late Nicholas J. Schrup, begs leave to submit the following report and moves its adoption:

The death of Hon. Nicholas J. Schrup deprived Iowa of one of the valued pioneer citizens, whose career is typical of the unwavering purposefulness of the early settlers of mid-western America.

Nicholas J. Schrup was born in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, August 23, 1853. Two years later his parents emigrated to America and settled on a farm in Mosalem township. Here their son was brought up and here he spent his youth. At seventeen he entered the St. Francis Normal School, Milwaukee, from which he graduated in 1874. For a time he followed the profession of teaching, first at Cascade, Iowa, later at Mattoon, Illinois. This was to be but a stepping-stone, however, to the business career for which he was eminently fitted, and of which he made a marked success. It was during his leisure hours at this time that he began writing insurance for the Old German Insurance Company of Freeport, Illinois, thus laying the corner stone of his future business career. In 1883, he resigned the lucrative post of Deputy County Auditor to organize the Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Company.

In 1884, Mr. Schrup was married to Mary A. Kransz, a pioneer of the North Side of Chicago. Four children were born to them, Charles J., Lillian M., Rosalyn M., and Oliver—all of whom are still living.

Although Mr. Schrup was pre-eminently the business man, rather than the statesman, he found time to serve the community in various capacities, first as a member, then as president of the Board of Education. Later, in 1910, he became State Senator from Dubuque county, an office to which he was re-elected in 1914. To his public service Mr. Schrup brought the shrewd foresightedness that made him successful in business. Brought up on a farm, educated for and practicing a profession for a time, he nevertheless found expression for his abilities in the sharp give-and-take of the modern business world. He never failed in any of his undertakings. His word was as good as his bond. Men anxious to succeed were eager for his advice. His quiet self-confidence inspired in others confidence in him and in themselves. These qualities made him an invaluable member of senatorial financial committees. His confidence and his experience outweighed any speeches that could be made and matters under his advice were practically settled in committees before they reached the floor.

In his private business capacity, he was the president of the Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Company for many years, and, at the time of his death was chairman of its Board of Directors. He was President of the National Reserve Insurance Company, of the Pioneer Trust and Savings Bank, and the American Trust and Savings Bank. He was director of the Consolidated National Bank and of a number of Dubuque corporations. He was a member of the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, and a Regent of Columbia College. In 1923 he was honored by King Albert of Belgium, who conferred upon him Knighthood, Order of the Crown.

Mr. Schrup was also active in local organizations. He belonged to the Dubuque Golf Club, the Elks, and the Knights of Columbus.

Although for several years Mr. Schrup had not been in his customary good health, his last illness was only of ten days’ duration. All members of his family were present at his bedside when he died, and he was comforted by the last rites of the Catholic church, of which he was a life-long member. He died at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, November 24, 1924. He is survived by his wife and the children, and his grand daughter, Eleanor Mary.

Senator Schrup had a great influence in the good management of public and private business affairs. He was never willing to sacrifice a principle in order to gain a place, and as time goes on he will always be referred to as one of the outstanding figures of his part of the state. With him Iowa loses a notable figure in her list of worthy citizens.

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved By the Senate of the Forty-first General Assembly of Iowa, that the Senate take this occasion to express its high appreciation of his lofty character and faithful public service, and adopt this memorial in the name of the public of Iowa as a tribute to his name and memory.

Be it Further Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions appear in the journal of the Senate, and that the secretary be directed to send an engrossed copy thereof to his family.