Bill Bill Title Committee Meetings
HF 618 A bill for an act relating to medical malpractice actions including expert witness testimony, evidence-based medical practice guidelines, and medical malpractice review panels, and providing for fees. (Formerly HF 579) (Formerly HSB 36) Judiciary (House)
HF 2023 A bill for an act increasing penalties for criminal offenses involving certain types of animals. Judiciary (House)
HF 2093 A bill for an act establishing a senior administrative law judge program. Judiciary (House)
HF 2114 A bill for an act relating to the murder of a peace officer, reserve peace officer, correctional officer, jailer, public employee, or hostage, and providing penalties. (See Cmte. Bill HF 2398) Public Safety (House)
HF 2351 A bill for an act relating to the fees for special registration plates associated with military service. (Formerly HSB 614) Transportation (House)
SF 2187 A bill for an act requiring the Iowa law enforcement academy to develop training standards for the use of electronic weapons, including stun guns and tasers, by law enforcement agencies throughout the state. (Formerly SSB 3077.) Public Safety (House)
SF 2310 A bill for an act relating to the underage possession or consumption of alcohol and providing penalties. (Formerly SF 2146.) Effective 7-1-14. Public Safety (House)