Judicial District and Judicial Resources Study Committee (J)


The Judicial District and Judicial Resources Study Committee was initially established by the Legislative Council in 2003. It was charged to study judicial district and judicial election district redistricting, the allocation of Judicial Branch resources, and related matters. Three meetings were held in the 2003 Interim. The Study Committee was reauthorized for the 2004 Interim and held one meeting. This 2003/2004 interim study committee is authorized to meet in the 2005 interim to continue its work.

Senate Members
House Members
Public Members
  • Jackie Armstrong
  • Mike Bollard
  • Curt Campbell
  • Kevin Concannon
  • Tom Drew
  • Barbara A. Edmondson
  • Shirley Faircloth
  • Duane E. Hoffmeyer
  • Frederick James
  • Julie Johnson
  • Gayle Kelm
  • Jeffrey M. Lipman
  • Joanne C. Lorence
  • Rick L. Lynch
  • John McClintock
  • Leesa McNeil
  • Randy Osborn
  • Kassie Peterson
  • Carolee Philpott
  • Donald B. Redfern
  • David M. Remley
  • James M. Richardson
  • Marty Ryan
  • Annette J. Scieszinski
  • Marsha K. Ternus
  • William D. Werger
Committee Information