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Senate Journal: Page 1204: Monday, April 13, 1998

  S.F. 2186 - Relating to the validity and enforceability in Iowa of an
  directive document executed by a veteran of the armed forces.

  S.F. 2257 - Relating to the regulation of and motor vehicle operation on the
  and streets of this state by providing for the classification of the system
  of roads and
  streets, authorizing easements on state-controlled lands, providing for the
  of official records of the State Department of Transportation, regulating
  motor vehicles
  and motor vehicle dealers, authorizing maintenance vehicles to stop or park
  on the
  traveled way of the roadway, allowing single trucks a variance on their
  length, administering of motor vehicle laws by the State Department of
  concerning motor vehicle dealer sales, multiyear vehicle and vehicle dealer
  requiring the payment of certain civil penalties before issuance of
  temporary restricted
  licenses, and modifying the compilation requirements for airport sufficiency

  S.F. 2294 - Relating to the payment of snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle
  title fees.

  S.F. 2308 - Concerning eligible alternative retirement benefit systems for
  community college employees.

  S.F. 2357 - Updating the Iowa Code references to the Internal Revenue Code,
  exempting certain preneed funeral trust income from taxation, revising the
  and carryover periods for certain net operating losses, providing refunds,
  and providing
  an effective date and retroactive applicability dates.

  H.F. 677 - Relating to child custody and visitation including the
  consideration of
  parent's criminal history in the awarding of visitation rights and including
  exception from mandatory participation in a course by parties to an action
  child custody or visitation.

  H.F. 721 - Relating to an insurance premium tax credit for eligible
  under the new jobs and income program.

  H.F. 2168 - Relating to the sale of stock or ownership interest of any
  formed under the Iowa business development finance Act.

  H.F. 2337 - Concerning the method for imposition of the drug abuse
  education surcharge.

  H.F. 2369 - Relating to the human immunodeficiency virus including the
  testing of
  an alleged offender for the human immunodeficiency virus, the intentional
  transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus, making penalties
  establishing penalties, and providing for an affirmative defense.

  H.F. 2394 - Providing for service of one hundred percent of the maximum
  by and the suspension of a driver's license of a person charged with
  homicide by

  H.F. 2476 - Providing for connection to the Iowa Communications Network by
  Quad Cities Graduate Center.

  H.F. 2527 - Providing for victim rights, providing for penalties, and an

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