Second Floor

Shown is the Grand Staircase as seen from the second floor.

View overlooking Grand Staircase

The Grand Staircase in the Capitol is shown prior to 1904.

View of Grand Staircase prior to 1904

The entrance to the House of Representatives Chamber looked like this prior to 1904.

View of House Chamber Entrance prior to 1904

Shown is a view of the Capitol's interior east wall, prior to 1904, before the artwork was completed.

View of east wall, before artwork completed

Shown is a view of the Capitol's east wall above the Grand Staircase early in the 20th century, showing the mural painting Westward by Blashfield, and the mosaics by Dielman.

View of east wall artwork

This is a closer view of the artwork on the Capitol's interior east wall.

Closer view of east wall artwork

Shown is a pre-1904 view of the interior of the Capitol dome.

View looking up at interior of dome