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IAC Rule 21.76.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 08/25/2010
Enabling Statutes: 189A.7(7) , 189A.7(7)
Tagged topics: dead animals,  transportation
IAC Rule 21.76.8
Iowa Administrative Code
Dead, dying, disabled or diseased animals.
Published: 07/23/2014
Enabling Statutes: 167.14 , 167.14 , 167.5 , 167.5 , 189A.8 , 189A.8
Tagged topics: dead animals,  transportation
IAC Rule 441.77.40
Iowa Administrative Code
Lead inspection agencies.
Published: 01/14/2009
Enabling Statutes: 249A.4 , 249A.4
Tagged topics: lead
IAC Rule 441.106.10
Iowa Administrative Code
Record checks.
Published: 03/29/2017
Tagged topics: buildings,  lead
IAC Rule 567.41.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Lead, copper, and corrosivity. Lead, copper, and corrosivity regulation by the setting of a treatment technique requirement. Applicability. Action levels. Lead and copper tap water monitoring requirements. Water quality parameter monitoring requir...
Published: 04/11/2018
Tagged topics: copper,  lead
IAC Rule 567.43.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Lead and copper treatment techniques. Corrosion control treatment for lead and copper control. Applicability. Determination that a system has optimized corrosion control. Requirements to recommence corrosion control steps. Treatment steps and dead...
Published: 04/11/2018
Tagged topics: copper,  lead
IAC Rule 875.10.19
Iowa Administrative Code
Special provisions for air contaminants. Asbestos, tremolite, anthophyllite, and actinolite dust. Vinyl chloride. Acrylonitrile. Inorganic arsenic. Lead. Ethylene oxide. Benzene. Formaldehyde. Methylene chloride.
Published: 12/24/2014
Tagged topics: air pollution,  arsenic,  asbestos
IAC Rule 875.10.4
Iowa Administrative Code
Exception for hexavalent chromium exposure in metal and surface finishing job shops. Eligibility. Participation. Applicability. Feasible engineering controls. Employee training. Compliance and monitoring.
Published: 03/28/2018
Tagged topics: chromium,  metals
IAC Rule 661.95.10
Iowa Administrative Code
Disposition of explosives.
Published: 05/09/2007
Tagged topics: explosives