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IAC Rule 11.54.7
Iowa Administrative Code
Drug use and drug tests. Policy. Definition and applicability. Preemployment drug tests. Employee drug tests.
Published: 08/06/2014
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 21.68.36
Iowa Administrative Code
Antibiotic testing.
Published: 04/21/2010
Enabling Statutes: 192
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 657.10.39
Iowa Administrative Code
Temporary designation of controlled substances.
Published: 10/24/2018
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 441.105.9
Iowa Administrative Code
Medication management and administration. Obtaining prescription medications. Obtaining nonprescription medications. Storing medications. Labeling medications. Administering controlled medications. Administering prescription and nonprescription me...
Published: 03/31/2004
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 441.114.12
Iowa Administrative Code
Drug utilization and control. Approved drugs. Prescribed by physician. Dispensed from a licensed pharmacy. Locked cabinet. Medications requiring refrigeration. Poisonous or caustic drugs. Prescribed medications. Medication containers. Medication f...
Published: 05/04/2011
Enabling Statutes: 237.3 , 237.3
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.51.14
Iowa Administrative Code
Pharmaceutical service. General requirements. Medication administration. Medication orders. Standing orders. Self-administration of medications.
Published: 03/30/2016
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.67.5
Iowa Administrative Code
Published: 03/16/2016
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.58.51
Iowa Administrative Code
Choice of physician and pharmacy.
Published: 07/30/2008
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.58.21
Iowa Administrative Code
Drugs, storage, and handling.
Published: 04/02/2014
Tagged topics:
IAC Rule 481.65.17
Iowa Administrative Code
Medication management.
Published: 10/02/2013
Enabling Statutes: 135C.14 , 135C.14
Tagged topics: