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The provisions of this chapter relating to discrimination because of age do not apply to a retirement plan or benefit system of an employer unless the plan or system is a mere subterfuge adopted for the purpose of evading this chapter. However, a ...
A city may provide health or medical insurance coverage or supplemental health or medical insurance coverage to retired employees of the city. A city providing health or medical insurance coverage pursuant to this section may establish such requirem...
Tagged topics: health insuranceretirement
The board of directors of a school district may adopt a program for payment of a monetary bonus, continuation of health or medical insurance coverage, or other incentives for encouraging its employees to retire before the normal retirement date as def...
Tagged topics: retirementretirement plans
A school district located in whole or in part within a city having a population of twenty-five thousand one hundred or more may establish a pension and annuity retirement system for the public school teachers of such district. However, in cities havin...
Tagged topics: retirement
The fund for such retirement system shall be created from the following sources: From the proceeds of an assessment of teachers in the school district not exceeding one percent of their salaries in a given school year, or such greater percentage as th...
Tagged topics: retirement
The board of directors of the school district shall constitute the board of trustees and shall formulate the plan of the retirement; and shall make all necessary rules and regulations for the operation of said retirement system.
Tagged topics: retirement
Notwithstanding section 294.9 or other provisions of this chapter, for federal income tax purposes beginning January 1 following the submission by a board of trustees of an application to the federal internal revenue service requesting qualificati...
Tagged topics: retirement
The right of any person to any future payment under a pension and annuity retirement system established in this chapter shall not be transferable or assignable, at law or in equity, and shall not be subject to execution, levy, attachment, garnishmen...
Tagged topics: retirement
Any school district which has in operation the pension and annuity retirement system created pursuant to sections 294.8 to 294.10 may terminate such system by the adoption by the board of directors of such district, of a resolution declaring such sy...
Tagged topics: retirement
In the event of such termination, all assessments of teachers shall cease upon such date of termination, or upon such earlier date as may be prescribed in such resolution, and no additional taxes shall be levied or assessed for the operation of such s...
Tagged topics: retirement