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When an estate is under obligation to convey property, the court may, upon application of any interested person, with or without notice as the court may direct, require the fiduciary to execute such a conveyance.
No proceedings upon the bond of a fiduciary shall be brought subsequent to two years after the discharge of the fiduciary or six months after the discovery of fraud, whichever is later.
The court shall allow and fix from time to time the compensation for fiduciaries, other than personal representatives, and their attorneys for such services as they shall render as shown by an itemized claim or report made and filed setting forth what...
The petitions for the appointment of a guardian and a conservator may be combined and the cause tried in the same manner as a petition for the appointment of a conservator.
A guardianship shall cease, and a conservatorship shall terminate, upon the occurrence of any of the following circumstances: If the ward is a minor, when the ward reaches full age. The death of the ward. A determination by the court that the ward is ...
Personal representatives shall be allowed such reasonable fees as may be determined by the court for services rendered, but not in excess of the following commissions upon the gross assets of the estate listed in the probate inventory, which shall be ...
Such further allowances as are just and reasonable may be made by the court to personal representatives and their attorneys for actual necessary and extraordinary expenses and services. Necessary and extraordinary services shall be construed to includ...
A fiduciary has no authority to act in a matter wherein the fiduciary’s decedent or ward was merely a fiduciary, except that the fiduciary shall file a report and accounting on behalf of the decedent or ward in said matter.
At the time a standby petition is filed under this part, the court shall consider whether a limited conservatorship, as authorized in section 633.637, is appropriate.
If the proposed ward is an adult, notice of the filing of the petition shall be served upon the proposed ward in the manner of an original notice and the content of the notice is governed by the rules of civil procedure governing original notice. Exce...