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For the purpose of this inquiry the board shall have all the powers vested in the district court in civil cases which the board deems necessary to a full investigation of the dispute, including but not limited to the power to summon and enforce the at...
In addition to other requirements specified by law, the recorder shall note in the county system the date of filing of each instrument, the number and character of the instrument, and the name of each grantor and grantee named in the instrument. In nu...
Tagged topics: county recorders
The board shall as soon as practical visit the place where the dispute exists and make careful inquiry into its cause. The board shall hear all interested persons who come before it and advise the respective parties concerning courses of action to adj...
The recorder shall be the county registrar and carry out duties as provided in chapter 144. The duties include, but are not limited to, the following: Register and maintain certifications of birth as provided in sections 144.13 through 144.18, 14...
The county recorder is the county registrar and with respect to the county shall: Administer and enforce this chapter and the rules issued by the department. Record and transmit the certificates, reports, or other returns filed with the county regis...
Tagged topics: county recorders
Notices of liens, certificates, and other notices affecting federal tax liens or other federal liens must be filed or recorded in accordance with this section. Notices of liens upon real property for obligations payable to the United States, and cer...
Where a city constitutes one or more civil townships the boundary lines of which coincide throughout with the boundary lines of the city, the offices of township clerk and trustee are abolished.
Tagged topics: city government
To the extent that the basic levies are insufficient to meet the county’s needs for the following services, the board may certify supplemental levies as follows: For general county services, an amount sufficient to pay the charges for the following: T...
Any person who erects, establishes, or uses any premises for any of the purposes prohibited in section 123.60, is guilty of nuisance and shall be subject to the general penalties provided by this chapter .
Tagged topics: nuisances
The treasurer shall: Determine and collect taxes on mobile homes and manufactured homes as provided in sections 435.22 to 435.26. Collect the tax levied for the brucellosis and tuberculosis eradication fund as provided in section 165.18. Collect t...