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The center for rural health and primary care is established within the department. The center for rural health and primary care shall do all of the following: Provide technical planning assistance to rural co mmunities and counties exploring innovativ...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
In the event such deceased person, whose body has been used for scientific purposes as provided herein, shall own or have the right of burial in a private or family cemetery lot in the state of Iowa, that such deceased person’s body shall be buried in...
Tagged topics: burialscemeteries
A loess hills development and conservation authority is created. The counties of Adams, Adair, Audubon, Carroll, Cass, Cherokee, Crawford, Fremont, Guthrie, Harrison, Ida, Lyon, Mills, Monona, Montgomery, Page, Plymouth, Pottawattamie, Sac, Shelby, Si...
A loess hills alliance is created. The alliance shall carry out its responsibilities under the general direction of the loess hills development and conservation authority. The alliance shall encompass the geographic region including the counties of Pl...
Tagged topics: loess hills alliance
The mission of the loess hills alliance is to create a common vision for Iowa’s loess hills, protecting special natural and cultural resources while ensuring economic viability and private property rights of the region.
Tagged topics: loess hills alliance
The board of directors of the alliance shall have the following responsibilities: To prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for the development and conservation of the loess hills area subject to the approval of the authority. The plan shall provide f...
Tagged topics: loess hills alliance
The department of natural resources shall coordinate the blufflands protection program with the program and projects of the loess hills alliance.
A person who operates a feedlot shall comply with applicable zoning requirements. The applicability of a zoning requirement shall be as provided in subsection 2 of this section. A person complies with this section as a matter of law where no zon...
Tagged topics: zoning
The township trustees are hereby empowered to condemn, or purchase and pay for out of the general fund, or the specific fund voted for such purpose, and enter upon and take, any lands within the territorial limits of such township for the use of cemet...
Civil townships are hereby authorized and empowered to receive by gift, devise, or bequest, money or property for the purpose of establishing and maintaining libraries, township halls, cemeteries, or for any other public purpose. All such gifts, devis...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesdonationslegacieslibraries