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If upon the hearing, which shall be tried de novo, it appears to the court that testimony is necessary for the proper disposition of the matter, it may take evidence or appoint a referee to take evidence as it directs and report the evidence to the co...
Tagged topics: land use
The department of natural resources shall coordinate the blufflands protection program with the program and projects of the loess hills alliance.
If a county adopts an agricultural land preservation ordinance under this chapter which subjects farmland to the same use restrictions provided in section 352.6 for agricultural areas, section 6B.3, subsection 1, paragraph “f”, and sections 3...
Tagged topics: agricultural landfarming
In the event such deceased person, whose body has been used for scientific purposes as provided herein, shall own or have the right of burial in a private or family cemetery lot in the state of Iowa, that such deceased person’s body shall be buried in...
Tagged topics: burialscemeteries
All issues in any proceedings under sections 303.41 through 303.63 have preference over all other civil actions and proceedings.
Tagged topics: land use
Two years after the establishment of a district, a referendum for the termination of the district shall be held if ten percent of the eligible voters in the district so request. If the registered voters, by a majority of those voting, favor terminatio...
In its order for the election the board of supervisors shall direct the county auditor to cause notice of the election to be given by posting at least five copies of the notice in public places in the proposed district at least twenty days before the ...
Civil townships are hereby authorized and empowered to receive by gift, devise, or bequest, money or property for the purpose of establishing and maintaining libraries, township halls, cemeteries, or for any other public purpose. All such gifts, devis...
Tagged topics: cemeteriesdonationslegacieslibraries
Forest and fruit-tree reservations fulfilling the conditions of sections 427C.1 to 427C.13 shall be exempt from taxation. In all other cases where trees are planted upon any tract of land, without regard to area, for forest, fruit, shade, or ornamen...
In lieu of a foreclosure action in court due to default on a recorded mortgage or deed of trust of real property, if the subject property is agricultural land used for farming, as defined in section 9H.1, the mortgagee and mortgagor may enter into a...
Tagged topics: agricultural land