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The state officer in charge of any of the state payroll systems shall deduct from the wages or salaries of a state officer or employee an amount specified by the officer or employee for payment to any company authorized to do business in this state fo...
Tagged topics: insurance
A public employer shall offer health insurance to all permanent, full-time public employees employed by the public employer. A public employer may offer health insurance to any other public employees employed by the public employer. All costs of such ...
Tagged topics: health insurance
A resident of a health care facility shall not be discharged solely because the cost of the resident’s care is being paid under chapter 249A or because the resident’s source of payment is changing from private support to payment under chapter 249A .
Tagged topics: medical assistance
The requirement that the care of a resident of a health care facility must be provided under the immediate direction of either the facility or the resident’s personal physician does not apply if all of the following conditions are met: The resident is...
Tagged topics: hospice servicesmedicare
This chapter shall not be construed to require accident and health insurance coverage for acupuncture services under an existing or future contract or policy for insurance issued or issued for delivery in this state, unless otherwise provided by the ...
A city may provide health or medical insurance coverage or supplemental health or medical insurance coverage to retired employees of the city. A city providing health or medical insurance coverage pursuant to this section may establish such requirem...
Tagged topics: health insuranceretirement
A city may credit funds to a fund or funds for the purposes authorized by section 364.4, subsection 5; section 384.12, subsection 17; or section 384.24, subsection 3, paragraph “s”. Moneys credited to the fund or funds, and interest earned on ...
Tagged topics: insurance
A city, city council, or city zoning commission shall consider the residence of the recipient of services under a home and community-based services waiver as a residential use of property for the purposes of zoning and shall treat the use of the resid...
Tagged topics: housingmedical assistance
The office of long-term care ombudsman may utilize its available resources to provide assistance and advocacy services to eligible recipients, or the families or legal representatives of such eligible recipients, of long-term services and supports pro...
A computation for the purposes of determining eligibility under this chapter concerning an individual who is the beneficiary of a qualified long-term care insurance policy under chapter 514H shall include consideration of the asset disregard provi...