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Not later than March 25, or April 10 for a county or a city, or April 25 if the municipality is a school district, a number of persons in any municipality equal to one-fourth of one percent of those voting for the office of governor, at the last gener...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
The state appeal board in the department of management consists of the following: The director of the department of management. The auditor of state. The treasurer of state. The annual meeting of the state board shall be held on the second Tuesday of ...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
The state board, within a reasonable time, shall fix a date for an initial hearing on the protest and may designate a deputy to hold the hearing, which shall be held in the county or in one of the counties in which the municipality is located. Notice ...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
The state board may conduct the hearing or may appoint a deputy. A deputy designated to hear an appeal shall attend in person and conduct the hearing in accordance with section 24.28, and shall promptly report the proceedings at the hearing, which r...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
It shall be the duty of the state board to review and finally pass upon all proposed budget expenditures, tax levies and tax assessments from which appeal is taken and it shall have power and authority to approve, disapprove, or reduce all such propos...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
The manner in which objections shall be presented, and the conduct of hearings and appeals, shall be simple and informal and in accordance with the rules prescribed by the state board for promptly determining the merits of all objections so filed, whe...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
After a hearing upon the appeal, the state board shall certify its decision to the county auditor and to the parties to the appeal as provided by rule, and the decision shall be final. The county auditor shall make up the records in accordance with th...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
If the property tax valuations effective January 1, 1979, and January 1 of any subsequent year, are reduced or there is an unusually low growth rate in the property tax base of a political subdivision, the political subdivision may appeal to the state...
Tagged topics: state appeal board
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A state agency or department shall not propose or adopt an administrative rule which exceeds its statutory authority by mandating expenditures by political subdivisions, or agencies and entities which contract with political subdivisions to provide se...
Tagged topics: administrative rules
Rules Implementing Statutes:
For the purpose of this subchapter, the term “district” means a unified law enforcement district established by an agreement under the provisions of this chapter by a county, or portions thereof, or cities to provide law enforcement within the b...