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The secretary shall not approve the use of end intake airprobes, which use a vacuum to collect a sample from a load of grain, pursuant to section 159.5, subsection 9. A person who uses a method of probing for foreign material content of grain which ...
Tagged topics: grain
It is unlawful for any person to sell, offer or expose for sale, or falsely mark or tag, within the state any seed corn as hybrid unless it falls within the definition of hybrid in section 199.1 .
Tagged topics: corn
When any of the commodities enumerated in this section shall be sold by the bushel or fractional part thereof, except when sold in a United States standard container or as provided in sections 210.11 and 210.12, the measure shall be determined b...
The standard box used in packing hops shall be thirty-six inches long, eighteen inches wide, and twenty-three and one-fourth inches deep, inside measurement.
Tagged topics: hops
The standard bottle or container used for the sale of milk and cream shall be of a capacity of one gallon, one-half gallon, three pints, one quart, one pint, one-half pint, one-third quart, one gill, filled full to the bottom of the lip.
In order to provide greater sources of financing and to encourage an increase in the capacity of grain and soybean storage facilities within the state, cities and counties may issue revenue bonds, to be originally purchased by financial institutions o...
Tagged topics: grainsoybeans
The taxes imposed under this division, less the credits allowed under section 422.12, shall be reduced by a beginning farmer tax credit as allowed under chapter 16, subchapter VIII, part 5, subpart B .
Rules Implementing Statutes:
As used in this section: “Grain” means wheat, corn, barley, oats, rye, flaxseed, field peas, soybeans, grain sorghums, spelts, and such other products as are usually stored in grain elevators. Such term excludes such seeds after being processed, a...
Forest and fruit-tree reservations fulfilling the conditions of sections 427C.1 to 427C.13 shall be exempt from taxation. In all other cases where trees are planted upon any tract of land, without regard to area, for forest, fruit, shade, or ornamen...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
As used in this section, unless the context otherwise requires: “Agricultural land”, “beginning farmer”, and “farming” mean the same as defined in section 16.58. “Authority” means the same as defined in section 16.1. “Program” means the l...
Rules Implementing Statutes: