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Two or more counties may execute an agreement under this chapter to create a joint county indigent defense fund to be used to compensate attorneys appointed to represent indigents. In addition to other requirements of an agreement under this chapte...
Tagged topics: indigent defense
Any precinct election official shall order the arrest of any person who behaves in a noisy, riotous, tumultuous or disorderly manner at or about the polls, so as to disturb the election, or insults or abuses the officials, or commits a breach of the p...
Any person who impersonates a peace officer or employee of the department, or wears a uniform likely to be confused with the official uniform of any such officer or employee, with intent to deceive anyone, shall be guilty of a simple misdemeanor.
Tagged topics: impersonation
The commissioner of public safety shall direct the chief of the division of criminal investigation to establish a subdivision to be the primary criminal investigative and enforcement agency for the purpose of enforcement of chapters 99D, 99E, and ...
Tagged topics: gambling
A gaming enforcement revolving fund is created in the state treasury under the control of the department. The fund shall consist of fees collected and deposited into the fund paid by licensees pursuant to section 99D.14, subsection 2, paragraph “b”...
Tagged topics: gambling
An office to combat human trafficking is established within the department. The purpose of the office is to oversee and coordinate efforts to combat human trafficking in this state. The commissioner shall appoint a coordinator to staff the office. Add...
Tagged topics: human trafficking
The director of the academy, subject to the approval of the council, and in consultation with the Iowa department of corrections, Iowa state sheriffs’ and deputies’ association, and the Iowa peace officers association, shall adopt rules in accordance ...
Tagged topics: jails
Rules Implementing Statutes:
A current or prospective contractor, vendor, employee, or any other individual performing work for the department of workforce development who will have access to federal tax information shall be subject to a national criminal history check through th...
Tagged topics: criminal history
An individual may participate in social gambling if, subject to the requirements of section 99B.42, all of the following requirements are met: The gambling is not participated in, either wholly or in part, on or in any schoolhouses, schoolhouse site...
A person may conduct, without a license, any of the contests specified in subsection 2, and may offer and pay awards to persons winning in those contests whether or not entry fees, participation fees, or other charges are assessed against or collec...