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There shall be elected biennially in counties, members of the board of supervisors to succeed those whose terms of office will expire on the first day of January following the election which is not a Sunday or legal holiday. The term of office of each...
There shall be elected in each county at the general election to be held in the year 1976 and every four years thereafter, an auditor and a sheriff, each to hold office for a term of four years. There shall be elected in each county at the general ele...
There shall be elected at each general election, on a nonpartisan basis, the following officers: County public hospital trustees as required by section 347.25. Soil and water conservation district commissioners as required by section 161A.5. Count...
The courthouse of each county shall remain open on election day.
Within thirty days of an elective public officer swearing to an oath of office, the governmental entity the officer serves shall provide the officer with designated contact information with the governmental entity. A governmental entity that maintains...
The county recorder is the county registrar and with respect to the county shall: Administer and enforce this chapter and the rules issued by the department. Record and transmit the certificates, reports, or other returns filed with the county regis...
Tagged topics: county recorders
In counties having a population of less than twenty-five thousand, where the trustees institute, or are made parties to, litigation in connection with the performance of their duties, as provided in this chapter, the county attorney, as a part of th...
Tagged topics: county attorneys
The board of supervisors shall employ one or more licensed civil engineers who shall be known as county engineers. The board shall fix their term of employment which shall not exceed three years, but the tenure of office may be terminated at any time ...
Tagged topics: county engineersengineering
The board shall fix the compensation of the engineers. Said engineers shall, in the performance of their duties, work under the directions of said board and shall give bonds for the faithful performance of their duties in a sum not less than two thous...
Tagged topics: county engineersengineering
County engineers and their assistants shall file an itemized and verified account with the board of supervisors for the reimbursement of all expenses incurred. Mileage may be claimed as provided in section 70A.9 .
Tagged topics: county engineersengineering