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A program participant who is an eligible elector may register to vote with the state commissioner of elections, pursuant to section 48A.8, subsection 1. The name, address, and telephone number of a program participant shall not be listed in the stat...
Rules Implementing Statutes:
When a proposition to authorize an issuance of bonds by a county, township, school corporation, city, or by any local board or commission, is submitted to the electors, such proposition shall not be deemed carried or adopted, anything in the statutes ...
The board of directors of each local public school district and the authorities in charge of each nonpublic school shall require that all students in grades nine through twelve complete, as a condition of graduation, instruction in American history an...
Write-in votes are permitted to be cast in all elections for city offices. A person who receives a sufficient number of write-in votes to be elected to a city office shall be declared the winner of the election. If the result is a tie vote, lots shall...
Tagged topics: write-in voting
Rules Implementing Statutes:
The auditor shall: Serve as county commissioner of elections as provided in chapter 47. Conduct all elections held within the county. Serve as a member of a board to hear and decide objections made to a certification of nomination as provided in se...
The treasurer of any county participating in county issuance of driver’s licenses under chapter 321M shall: Issue, renew, and replace lost or damaged nonoperator’s identification cards and driver’s licenses, including commercial driver’s licenses, a...