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If a guardianship is proposed for a person with an intellectual disability, guardianship proceedings shall be initiated and conducted as provided in chapter 232D or 633 .
Tagged topics: fiduciariesguardianships
The department, or a person designated by the director, shall establish training programs designed to assist all duly appointed guardians and conservators in understanding their fiduciary duties and liabilities, the special needs of the ward, and how ...
The department shall establish volunteer programs designed to enhance the services provided by the department. Roles for volunteers may include but shall not be limited to parent aides, friendly visitors, commodity distributors, clerical assistants, m...
The following rules shall be applicable to a state bank acting in the capacity of fiduciary: A state bank shall segregate from its assets all property held as fiduciary, other than items in the course of collection, and shall keep separate records of ...
Tagged topics: fiduciaries
A state bank desiring to completely surrender its authorization to act in any fiduciary capacity shall file with the superintendent a certified copy of a resolution by the board of directors signifying such intent. Following the filing with the super...
Tagged topics: fiduciaries
A trust company existing and operating on January 1, 1970 and which was authorized to act only as a trust company may continue to act only in a fiduciary capacity according to the terms of its articles of incorporation. The articles of incorporation o...
Tagged topics: fiduciariestrust companies
An out-of-state bank or a trust company chartered or organized under the laws of another state may only act in a fiduciary capacity in this state if it satisfies the requirements for nonresident corporate fiduciaries pursuant to section 633.64 .
Tagged topics: fiduciaries
If the superintendent at any time concludes that a state bank authorized to act in a fiduciary capacity is managing its accounts in an unsafe or unsound manner, or in a manner in conflict with the provisions of this chapter, and such state bank refu...
Tagged topics: fiduciaries
A bank, either acting as a fiduciary or holding securities as a managing agent or custodian, including a custodian for a fiduciary, may deposit securities in a federally regulated clearing corporation as provided in section 633.89, and in addition m...
Tagged topics: fiduciaries
A state bank or other entity authorized to act in a fiduciary capacity may enter into an agreement for the succession of any fiduciary accounts with one or more other banks or trust companies, including trust companies organized under the laws of anot...
Tagged topics: fiduciaries